Proudly serving teachers, parents, students and the community of Norwalk.

Oviatt Elementary
Orchard Hills Elementary
Lakewood Elementary

Who We Are

The Norwalk PTO brings together parents, teachers, school staff and caregivers; striving to make Norwalk elementary schools a better place! We fund raise, volunteer and plan events at Oviatt, Orchard Hills, and Lakewood to support our amazing elementary schools.
Improve School Environment

To improve the environment at the school by providing volunteer and financial support.

Further Education Goals

To assist teachers and students in furthering the education and development goals of the schools.

Foster Cooperation

To foster a spirit of cooperation between parents and schools, and to assist in and enhance the students' education.

What We Do
Norwalk PTO supports our elementary schools throughout the year with many activities and events, both teacher and student oriented.
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PTO Sponsored Events

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The Board of Directors

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Brittany Doyle
Kristen Fox
Vice President
Ashley Mahoney
Jennifer Doerfler

Fundraising Efforts

Our ability to support our schools is directly tied to the support we receive from our community. Everything we do is because of you!

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Resources for Teachers

We love our teachers! They are so often at the heart of what we do and supporting them is a large part of our goals.

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Do you have questions? Would like to volunteer or join Norwalk PTO?

Schools We Serve

Oviatt Elementary School
713 School Avenue
Norwalk, IA 50211
Principal: Amy Gage
Orchard Hills Elementary School
1130 W. North Avenue
Norwalk, IA 50211
Principal: Sheila Taylor
Lakewood Elementary School
9210 Happy Hollow
Norwalk, IA 50211
Principal: Clint Driftmier